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Welcome to AdXChains

The Home of DDSuperSolo Networks and DDSuperBanners!

Text Ad Exchanges are still undeniably one great way of advertising your programs! 

Here at AdXChains, we are offering a wide variety of advertising systems!  Banner Ads, Text Ads, Traffic Links, Hot Links, Featured Ads, Hot Header Ads, Hot Headline Ads, Button Banners, Navigation Links, Full Page Login Ads, Login AdsSolo Email Advertising, DDSuperSolos & DDSuperBanners!

  • DDSupersolo Networks - email your advertising to a network of inter-connected advertising sites in just 1 click!

  • DDSuperBanners - display your banner ad to a network of inter-connected advertising sites in just 1 click!

  • Solos - Emaill all our Active Members!

  • Surf-Exchange - You can add your links to our Surfing Area in exchange of views from other member's ad.

    We also have Viral Link Cloaker so that you can promote other programs along with your AdXChains link. You will also be provided with Affiliate Promotional Materials that you can use to invite other people to our Site!

You can use promo code:  adxchains for free starter adpack!  Affordable Upgrades that gives you Monthly Bonus ads!  You can earn COMMISSIONS if you sponsor  Premium Members!  You will earn points when viewing other member ads and you can use these points to advertise your own programs

Please signup only using your GMAIL Email Account!  You need to confirm your email by clicking verification link sent by No Boxbe or Autoresponders, or we will Delete your Account with no warning!

"We advise you to create a GMAIL email account only intended to receive email advertising from our siteIt is not wise to use your personal email because you will receive more than 5 email a day!"

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